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 I have looked at Te Ao Marama (the natural world), collaboration alongside decolonising space and mind. My works vary from deeply personal and self-driven to working collectively, through the different ages and skill levels. 


These works explore decolonising space and expand my exploration to include materiality and a feminist lens.I have delved into the creation of a wharenui and the artworks typically present such as kowhaiwhai, tukutuku and whakairo. In my current practice I am creating a whare wānanga for Westlake Girls High School. This work looks closely at Māori female gods epitomising Mana Wāhine. 

Atua Wāhine (Female gods) are often overlooked and early ethnographers were quick to omit them from the oral tradition of Māori. Having Atua Wāhine as the central focus is a way to further decolonise the narratives.


This piece depicts from left to right: Hinetakurua, Murirangawhenua, Hinerauwhārangi, Mahuika 

Mana Wāhine - rua

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